The Desert

We took a tour of the desert and slept out under the stars. Our guide picked us up and drove us out into the arid mountains.

We went for a bit of a walk up a valley where there were plants growing, got some firewood, and then went to the spot where we were going to spend the night. Our guide made a fire and cooked up some vegetable pasta.

Spiky arrangement of scree. The rock in the area was slate. The cleavage was near vertical so that where it had weathered near the surface and formed a scree jagged fragments stuck out of the ground.

We settled down for the night in our big sleeping bags. There were many stars. After a few hours the moon came up. It was a full moon. It was SO bright! It lit up the whole landscape. Moonlight is so strange and so amazing, especially in such a weird arid landscape.

I woke up early in the morning and went for a little walk at sunrise. Thats where the others were still sleeping by the car.

The sun started to come up.

All that weird-lloking ground is the weathered slate.

Some of the rock had weathered to a clay.

It looks like water flows through here sometimes.

Then we got up and drove further into the desert.

We stopped and spent a bit of time checking out some sand dunes.

Then we went and saw this old ruined castle.

And the oldest mosque in Iran. Fahraj Mosque, dating from the 7th Century AD. Not long after Mohammed.

Inside the mosque.

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