Ali Sadr Caves

In the morning we woke up early and Mariam gave us a lift with her on her way to work so that we would be nearer to the Ali Sadr Caves. From the place where Mariam works we could get a taxi.

Ruth and Hannah on a boad in the cave. It was nice and cool down there.

After the cave we got a bus back to Hamadan and went back to Bahram and Mariams apartment. We had something to eat and then said goodbye. Bahram took us to the get the bus to Kermanshah. We were lucky. A bus was ready to leave.
We arrived at Kermanshah about 10 pm and got a ride into town. We found a cheap hotel and headed out to look for food. Couldn't find anywhere. There seemed to be only one place where food was available. There was a sort of barbeque in the street. It was popular which was probably a good sign. There was a place full of plastic chairs and tables and busy. There were a couple of tables in the street. Outside the place was a table where some men were busily skewering different types of offal: presumably liver, kidney, brain and maybe heart. Some of the kebabs were wrapped in thin white stuff which I thought might be lung or something. I had heard they like to eat lambs lungs here.
I was very hungry and it smelled good. But I couldnt figure out how it worked or where to order. The guys skewering seemed to be too busy skewering to serve anyone. The guy barbequeing was on the other side of the pavement. People were taking skewers from the skewer people and giving them to the barbeque man. Did they work here or were they cutomers. I couldn't work it out. I was hungry and had tried indicating to several people that I wanted some food but they werent particularly interested in helping me out. Anyway, somehow in the end I ended up with some sort of kebab. I think it might have been heart and lungs. It looked bad but it was tasty.

After i'd eaten that, just 'round the corner we found somewhere selling tasty things in bread with sauce. They seemed to be vegetarian so Hannah was pleased. They were fried things a bit like falafel but not. Then it was time to go back to our cheap and nasty hotel.

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