Bus acros the Zagros from ancient Media to ancient Elam

OK. So where were we?? We had been to Hamadan (ancient Ecbatana, capital of Media) and Kermanshah to see the famous Achaemenid rock inscriptions on the Royal Baghdad Road made by King Darius. Now we headed south from ancient Media into ancient Elam on the Mesopotamian plain. There is still a city there called Ilam. We took a bus to Shush - ancient biblical city of Susa. Only 100km from Basra. We crossed the Zagros Mountains in our extremely uncomfortable bus at night and arrived in Susa about 5am.

My map of Iran. Can you find Hamadan, Kermanshah and Susa?

Ruth and Hannah at the back of the bus. They weren't so happy when they had to move out of the spare drivers sleeping space!

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