Batumi, Georgia

We left Turkey and went to the Republic of Georgia, to a seaside resort called Batumi. It was quite nice. Strange though. Very unusual buildings. I had got used to being in Turkey where I can speak enough of the language so its an easy place for me to be. In Georgia I didnt have a clue! Even the writings weird!


  1. Hi there,

    I am following your blog. I have a reason to be following it. You see I have a friend who lives in Georgia - and She has invited me there. I am supposed to be going in this June but events globally have put me off going just now.

    Do alot of foreigners go to Georgia (like British/ American etc?)

    You have wonderful photographs


  2. Hello,

    Georgia is a safe country to visit if you stay away from the areas where there are political issues. Make sure you know where those areas are. Georgia has had conflict with Russia in certain restricted areas of the northern part of the country. There have been a few isolated incidents of foreigners being kidnapped but not too much. Plenty of tourists visit the capital Tblisi and some visit the coast. We didn't see many there though. Generally, white westerners are the group most at-risk when travelling. I don't know your ethnicity but Georgians are Caucasians and mainly Christians so Caucasian visitors are not conspicuous in Georgia and this makes it a more safe country for Caucasians to visit than many other countries. Georgia is not really affected by events in Syria or Iraq or Iran. There is considerable distance, a number of international borders and a lot of big mountains between the Middle East and Georgia. So you should go! You will love it! Personally, I would feel way safer in Georgia than in the US (eg. Boston bombings and all the school shootings!).