Trying to keep our Shirazi self-appointed hosts happy

The next morning we went to get breakfast at the same tea garden/cafe that Mahmood took us to the previous night. After breakfast - mushy eggs - we went back to the bazar to get some gifts. We were a bit disappointed because there wasn't the same quality of beautiful handicrafts that we had seen in Esfahan. Coming out the other end of the bazar, into a back-alley, we stopped by a doorway into a courtyard with loads of bits of paper hanging up. Some girls were going past and they stopped to explain to us that it was an exhibition/tea garden dedicated to one of Iran's famous modern poets. The exhibition was made by the son of the poet. I can't remember the name of the poet. We went in and met the poet's son. A softly spoken man who gave us free tea. The girls were friendly too and spoke english and chatted away with Ruth and Hannah.

The two girls showed us the way to the post office so we could send our gifts home. It was shut

Outside Shiraz fort.

Then we had agreed to meet Kevin at one of Shiraz's famous Persian gardens. It was quite a long walk. We were late again.
Mahmood, who we met the previous night, had insisted we meet up again later at the same place. Kevin and Benjamin wanted to go out for food with us too and we tried to get them to go to the same place. However, at the last minute they decided they didn't want to go there and we ended up going with them and some of their friends to a swanky modern eatery for some western-style food: Fajitas and wedges. After that we went to meet Mahmood. Kevin promised to come and find us later.

On the way to meet Mahmood there were some escalators that were obviously causing quite a stirr! It was clearly the first time most people here had ever experienced an escalator! Adults and children alike were either approaching with caution or running back up to ride again and again.

We got there quite late. Mahmood had found some Italian tourists and was practicing his Italian on them. By the time Kevin found us the place was shutting. Then he went away and came back with gifts. Two fluffy toy puppy dawgs for Ruth and Hannah.

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