Half the World

Iran is amazing! I am really behind on writing the blog. We have been to so many beautiful and fascinating places and met so many beautiful and fascinating people I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. In Iran it is hard to get any time to yourself. Everybody is interested to meet you. People stop us in the street and question us all the time about our lives, where we come from, what we do, our families. It seems rather nosy and can get pretty annoying after a while. But Its lovely really because they are just fascinated to se a foreigner in their land.
In summary we have climed some high mountains to get to some amazing old castles and fortresses. We have seen the tomb of Sheyk Safi Od-Din and Esmail I. I was interviewed briefly on the early evening news. We met a lovely family and were invited into their home. We ended up spending a few days with them and went for a picnic/barbeque in the mountains. We went along the densely forested Caspian coast and stayed in the bizarre village of Masooleh. We travelled across the Alborz Mountains and the plains to the ancient city of Ecbatana; capital of the ancient Median Empire. We saw rock inscriptions by Kings Cyrus and Darius from 600 BC. We saw the tomb of Esther and Mordecai. We went to the ancient land of Elam and the city of Susa to see the tomb of the prophet Daniel and an ancient Elamite Ziggurat pyramid. Then we came to Esfahan. Half the world.


  1. What were you on the evening news for?! I ended up on Five News when I went to the World Cup in Germany...

  2. Just they were doing a feature about tourism or about the shrine and wanted to get a foreign tourists perspective.