Karahunj prehistoric observatory

Karahunj is an amazing prehistoric astronomical observatory. There are more than 220 standing stones here. They form an oval shape and have holes made in them. The holes and the stones are specially orientated to allow sighting of a fixed point in the sky. This could be used to investigate the motions of the Earth and celestial bosies and for measuring the seasons.

It is 7000 years old! Phenomenal. In prehistoric times these kind of activities seem to have been associated with ritual and death. I guess this indicates something about ancient religious beliefs i.e. people associated the mystery of life and death with the natural cycles in the Earth and the heavens and the heavens. At the very least we can say that these people were intelligent and curious.

In the past I have visited the region of Arrarat and the site of Noahs Ark. A landscape feature in the shape of a boat of the same dimensions given in the Bible. It is formed from the synclinally folded surface of a volcaniclastic landslip. In that area large heavy stones have been found that are said to have been the anchor stones of the Noahs great boat. They have a small hole in the top where the rope could have gone through. Now, coming to Karahunj (which means stonehenge), not far away from Ararat, I can see what these stones were really for.

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