Around Yazd. The oldest city in the world.

Walking around Yazd for hours on a wild goose chase trying to find the office to book a train to Mashhad after a while we all needed the loo. Saw a big place looked like a mosque. They always have decent toilets so we went in there. Turns out to be a shrine complex/hall of mirrors inside. Men in one half of the building, women in the other. Mirrired coridoors lead all around in a square plan. As you walk about all the mirrors have a strange dizzying effect on the mind. It takes you to another place.

The shrine room was in the middle. Quite a few people were in there praying.

I stood out like a sore thumb and felt self conscious but it was all too interesting.

There were children running about. I wandered into the womens part of the building by accident.

In a room off to the side an old lady sat hunched with her head right up against a tomb.

We were only trying to find a toilet. I got separated from Ruth and Hannah. When I got back outside they were waiting and didn't know where I'd gone.

View of Yazd.

Our lovely hotel.

Some ancient petroglyphs - Mesolithic rock carvings.

Typical Yazd street/alley. Its all like this.

Much of it is covered.

The Jami Mosque.

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