Walk of Health

We took a taxi out of the city to the Walk of Health. it is 37 km long and has a lot of steps. It was made by Turkmenbashi for National Health Day when everyone gets a day out of the office and has to walk the full length of the Walk of Health. All the civil servants have to do it by law. Turkmenbashi would fly in a helicopter and meet them at the top.

As you can see, there weren't many people there on this day.

A lot of steps!

There were occasional shelters to provide a bit of shade from the hot hot sun. It was very quiet.

You can see the Walk of Health stretching off into the distance across the Kopet Dagh Mountains.

Looking across to the Kopet Dagh Mountains you can see how all the sedimentary rock layers are inclined in the same direction. This looks similar to the geological structure on the north side of the Greater Caucasus Mountains which lie along a straight line from here on the other side of the Caspian Sea. An interesting large-scale geological structure.

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