Kochkor by daylight

After a good nights sleep we woke up and saw Kochkor in daylight.

Our friendly hosts at 93 Shamen Street.

They gave us a delicious breakfast of omlette, fresh bread, jam and a strange tasting kind of fatty butter which I think came from a horse.

The view from right outside our homestay looking south along Shamen Street.

We walked back to the town square. It was a busy saturday morning. Although its a small town it serves all the people who live in the surrounding villages and the nomads who live in the highlands all Summer, so its lively.

Kochkor town square. A mass of vehicles.

We found a Community Based eco-Tourism office and arranged a 4-day horse trek to Song Kol starting the next morning. Then we went round the shops getting all we needed.

In the afternoon we wandered to the end of Shamen Street.

And found a calf.

...and his owner.

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