First, I went to Spain with my family. It was really nice and relaxing. My family NEVER does holidays like this so don't go thinking I'm used to this kind of luxury or anything. It was very nice and I did very little. We hardly left the villa/fairy castle it was so nice.

Thats my James, my Cousin Anna's partner.

The opportunity to go to Spain came up before I had decided to hit the road. But at that time, when I decided to go to Spain (free family holiday!) Ruth and Hannah had already decided to go travelling to the Middle East. I knew I couldn't afford it so was looking for a job and wondering where to live. This is why Ruth and Hannah started planning their trip and booked their flights before me. So while I was in Spain they had already been in Turkey for a week. Its all a bit complicated and I still havent caught up with them at the time of writing this.

So after Spain I arrived at Gatwick and went straight to Heathrow to get myself to Turkey. My priority was to get to the Iranian Embassy in Ankara to apply for my Iranian Visa as soon as possible. Ruth and Hannah had already got theirs and had left Ankara by this point.

So after a day flying back from Spain and getting to Heathrow I spent the whole night trying to sleep on the floor of Terminal 5. Then at 7am took the flight to Istanbul.

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